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All you need to know before taking out car insurance.?


Everything you need to know before buying car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory, otherwise you risk a fine and more. What questions should you ask yourself before buying car insurance? What if no insurer agrees to insure you? Which guarantees to choose in addition to the minimum legal guarantees? … Let’s take stock of your obligations, those of the insurer and decipher the car insurance contract.

Car insurance is compulsory.

The legislation imposes the possession of the driver’s license, and the obligation to insure any motor vehicle , as well as trailers and semi-trailers.

Lack of this insurance is an offense punishable by a fine of , which may even be accompanied by a three-year suspension of your driving licence, or the confiscation of the vehicle concerned, with the obligation to accomplish (at your expense) a road traffic awareness course.

In addition, it will penalize you in your search for future insurance.

Know that if you have an accident when you are not insured, a special fund set up by the state will compensate the victim, but if, as an uninsured driver, you are the cause of this accident, this guarantee fund will turn directly against you to obtain reimbursement of the compensation received by the victim of this accident . And this refund could cost you dearly!

What if no one agrees to insure your vehicle?

Then you will have to enter the BCT ( central pricing office) by providing written proof of refusal from the insurers contacted or the letters of insurance requests sent by registered mail with AR and remained unanswered, because any owner of a motor vehicle has the right to be insured in a basic way , but before carrying out this step, it is judicious to consult other insurers, and to seize the BCT only in the event of new refusals.Assess your needs with our experts.You have the choice between different categories of car insurance.

Compulsory insurance known as third party.

It covers your own civil liability as well as that of anyone driving or being in your vehicle. It insures the damage that you (or others) could cause with your vehicle to other people (known as “third parties”), as well as to their vehicle or any other property.But this insurance will not cover your own damage, either bodily or material, which will remain your responsibility in the event of an accident involving your own liability.To guarantee this damage you will have to opt for another formula:

All risk insurance

This contract covers all damages ( whether or not you are responsible and whether or not the responsible person is identified). This contract is called “multi-risk”. But before subscribing, it is advisable to check the guarantees, deductibles and causes of exclusion of the proposed contract. In addition, this contract automatically insures you against the risks of natural disasters and attacks.An auto insurance contract can also include so-called “assistance” services.

This formula helps you as soon as an accident occurs.?

It covers (in the event of immobilization of the vehicle), and under the conditions of the contract, the towing, the accommodation of the driver and his passengers, the loan of a replacement vehicle during the repairs… And this list n is not limiting.Medical assistance in the event of an accident (e.g. dispatch of an ambulance, medical repatriation from abroad, etc.)

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