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Will I Get Pulled Over for 50 Tint in California?


California has specific laws regarding vehicle window tinting. It is important to know the rules to avoid any potential issues with the law. Many drivers wonder, “Will my window tint be pulled over if it’s 50%?” Understanding the California window tint laws, and the discretion of the law enforcement officer will help you determine the answer.

California Window Tint Law Fundamentals

California Vehicle Code Section 26708, is the main statute that governs window tinting. This law allows for:

Front Windshields and Front Side Windows: These windows must permit more than 70% light to pass (i.e. they cannot be tinted beyond 30%).

Rear Side Windows & Rear Window: They can be tinted in any degree including 50% or darker.

The law was designed to make sure that drivers have a clear view of the road, and that officers can see into the vehicle when it is stopped.

Understanding 50% Tint

This means that 50% of the light can pass through the tint, while the remaining 50% is blocked. This level of tinting, compared to darker tints such as 20% or 5%, is relatively lighter. A 50% tint may provide some privacy or glare reduction but it is still much lighter than the California law allows for front windows.

The Risk of Being Pulled Over

In California, you can be pulled over if your front window tint is 50%. A 50% tint on your front windows violates the rule of 70% light transmission. Law enforcement officers have been trained to detect illegal tints. When an officer sees that your tint is darker than the limit, he may stop you to check it.

A photometer can be used by officers to measure how much light is passing through the windows during a traffic stop. You may be given a Fix-it ticket if your tint does not meet the required 70%. This usually involves paying a fine and removing the illegal tint.

Compliance and Consequences

You will need to remove any illegal window tint and get your vehicle inspected in order to prove that you are compliant. If you fail to correct the violation, it can result in additional fines or complications with your registration.

It is best to follow the tinting law to avoid any hassle or penalties. When you are considering window tinting on your car, it is best to stick with a percentage that’s legal for the front windows and restrict darker tints for the rear windows.


While a 50% tint may not appear to be very dark, in California it is illegal for the front windows and could lead to a traffic stop. California’s window-tint laws are designed to make driving safer for all road users.

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