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How to take out car insurance.?


First step after buying your car, take out an  auto insurance policy . To do this, you will need to provide certain mandatory documents and know who the driver to be insured is. Once you have answered these questions, you can then compare the different guarantees to find the auto insurance that is right for you.

What are the mandatory documents to provide?

When taking out a contract, a certain amount of information must be provided, in particular that concerning the profile of the insured and the vehicle covered. To validate the insurance subscription, you must provide the insurance company with three documents. Without these documents, you will not be able to take out car insurance.

The registration certificate

Commonly called “gray card”, the registration certificate is one of the documents that must be presented when subscribing. It presents the characteristics of the vehicle (model, power, date of entry into service, etc.). If the name indicated on the gray card is that of the owner of the vehicle, it is possible to add the name of a second holder, which can help to complete certain procedures.Special case: taking out insurance without owning the vehicle.It is not necessary to be the owner of the vehicle (that is to say that his name is registered on the gray card) to insure it. Insurers can accept the subscription of a contract without the insured being the owner. Only condition, it must be indicated when subscribing to the contract.

Driving license

To purchase car insurance, you must provide proof that you can drive. You must therefore present a valid driving license adapted to the category of the vehicle to be insured (B license for a car).Special case: take out insurance with a foreign license (outside the EU)If you hold a driving license not issued in the European Union, it is difficult to find an insurer who agrees to insure your vehicle. To facilitate your procedures, we advise you to apply for a license exchange.An information state mentIt is an  official document  provided by your insurer which lists all the driving history of the driver(s) of the vehicle to be insured.In particular, it includes all the claims that have occurred with the possible liability of the insured. It also indicates the bonus-malus coefficient associated with the previous contract.

To finalize the subscription of your car insurance contract, you must provide this document.Why ?  Because it is used to calculate the amount of the insurance premium. Indeed, depending on the bonus-malus coefficient but also on the number of responsible claims listed, your premium may vary.Please note:  For any addition of a secondary driver to the contract, you must provide his information statement. This element will also be included in the calculation of the amount of contributions.

Declare the beneficiary of the insurance contract

One of the first pieces of information to be entered in our form concerns the people who will be driving the insured vehicle. There are several different types of conductors:The main driver : the person who will drive the car more than 50% of the time.Generally speaking, the  underwriter  is considered the main driver, but this is not always the case. To avoid any problems that may arise in the event of an accident, you cannot take out insurance in your name on behalf of another driver.

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