From useful information to little anecdotes, discover in our various tops everything you can or should learn about the automotive industry. Today, we are talking about the development of the charging network for electric vehicles , the best-selling used vehicles, or even new logos for the Peugeot and Renault automobile brands .

Tesla’s head start soon caught up?

You’re here, it is the benchmark car brand for electric vehicles. The technologies developed on Tesla cars have allowed the manufacturer to make itself known throughout the world without even spending a penny on advertising. But if Elon Musk has succeeded in making a name for himself in the field of electric vehicles, it is also because in parallel with the production of his models, he has invested significant sums to develop his charging network as much as possible. with the Supercharger, which allows fast charging. And the Automobile Propre site reminds us: “wherever you are in Europe (and this is even more true in countries like Norway, Germany or even France), you are never at more than 200 kilometers from a Tesla Supercharger”.

Peugeot and Renault: the logos are changing!

On January 14, the diamond brand made headlines with the reveal of a new logo, inspired by the one inaugurated by the Renault 5 in 1972. Renault decided to give a nod to its heritage, and the builder at Leo apparently had the same idea. The creation of a new Peugeot logo was discussed several months ago, and we already know that it is the Peugeot 308 2021 which will inaugurate the new identity of the manufacturer. The Lion car brand will be inspired by the Peugeot logo installed on the Peugeot 404 in the 1960s, with a Lion inserted into a semi-elliptical shape.

Partnership between Ford and Google

From 2023, the Ford car brand will equip millions of Ford and Lincoln vehicles with the Google Android system with the Google voice assistant, Google Maps navigation and the Google Play store for applications. The American manufacturer wants to offer a maximum of technologies to motorists with the possibility of finding their favorite applications in their car.

Volkswagen loses its number 1 title

Since 2015, the Volkswagen group had established itself as the leading manufacturer in the global automotive market by volume, stealing the place from the Toyota group, which had set aside the volume target so as not to be overtaken. But the health crisis in 2020 has strongly affected the European automotive market in which the German group has a strong activity. For its part, Toyota has increased its sales on the Chinese market, and has therefore regained its number 1 position with 9.53 million cars sold in 2020, against 9.3 million for Volkswagen.

Renault Clio: the best-selling car on the second-hand market!

A surprise… Not really. The city car has often established itself as number 1 in sales in France through its 5 generations, which is why it is also the most available car on the second-hand market. In the rest of the ranking, we find the Citroën C3 in second place, the Volkswagen Golf in third place, the Renault Twingo in fourth place and the Renault Mégane in fifth place. Peugeot only appears in this ranking in sixth place with the Peugeot 208 .

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