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How to renew your driving license.?


The expiry date of your driving license is coming to an end soon? Mairie net tells you all the steps to follow to easily renew your driving licence.

Why renew your driver’s license?

The new driving licenses have, since the reform, a validity date of 1 to 15 years . This renewal allows in particular to update:- Information concerning your marital status,- Your photo ID .

The renewal of the driving license is a simple administrative formality .

Namely: The period of validity is 15 years for category A and B permits and 5 years for category C, D and E permits

Apply for a new driver’s license

For any driving license renewal request, you must complete an online form, Cerfa n°14882*01 .The following items in digital format must be attached to the application:- Mailing address for sending your driver’s license- Email address to follow the progress of your file.Do you have to pass a medical examination to renew your driving licence?

The medical examination is compulsory only for certain driving licenses. It can also be requested from a certain age of the driver.Article R.221-10 of the Highway Code specifies several cases for which a medical examination is compulsory in order to obtain or renew the licence:- If you need to obtain or renew an authorization to practice your profession ( taxi driver or paramedic for example ).- If you drive a vehicle specially equipped for your disability .- If you have lost all the points of your licence .Certain medical conditions are incompatible with the driving license or may reduce its validity.To know: the non-declaration of a health problem is sanctioned by a fine.

When to renew your driving licence?

Mairie.net has referenced all the validity dates of driving licenses according to the categories and age of the driver:

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