It’s a fact: the electric car is set to take up more and more space on the automotive market. The European Commission multiplies the decisions in favor of the climate and against global warming. Among the sources of pollution to be exterminated, we find the automobile, or rather, engines that are not electric! Diesel was already the bane of the government, especially since dieselgate, but gasoline will not be left out of the next decisions. And the news fell on July 14: over the next few months, the decision to stop sales of thermal vehicles in 2035 will be discussed in the European Parliament.

A zero emissions goal

If the car fleet is to become 100% green, petrol and diesel engines should disappear, and with it the discontinuation of hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Indeed, only 100% electric vehicles emit no gas and will therefore be authorized in production. Enough to greatly disrupt automobile production in France… 150 jobs in France would be threatened  in the industrial sector and in services, which would disappear completely” according to François Roudier, spokesperson for the Automotive Platform. A decision that is reminiscent of the air sector, which will no longer be able to benefit from untaxed kerosene for intra-Car Renting.

An all-electric France in 2035?

Yet the road still seems long before seeing all motorists turn green. If electric cars are still not much in demand by the French, it is for many reasons:

– The number of all-electric Car Renting models is still limited, and with an even reduced supply, the French cannot find the vehicle that suits them.

– The autonomy of electric Car Renting vehicles remains a major weak point. If the most top-of-the-range models today reach around 600 kilometers of autonomy, the electric car remains fragile and nothing can lead to high consumption: air conditioning, high speed, motorway journeys (no/little braking), etc

– Charging stations are developing, but are not sufficient enough and not sufficiently distributed to maintain as many electric cars as there are no cars in total on the territory.

A general opposition to the disappearance of the hybrid

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has indicated:it appears necessary to maintain an open technological approach which does not exclude high-performance plug-in hybrid vehicles”. The Association of European Automobile Manufacturers added “All options – including high-efficiency internal combustion engines, hybrid  vehicles, battery electric Car Renting vehicles and hydrogen vehicles – must play their part in the transition to climate neutrality”.

What about thermal cars?

While petrol and diesel models will no longer be allowed in production, internal combustion vehicles sold before 2035 will remain on the roads. But the constraints are likely to be numerous: forced travel to limit pollution, increase in the price of petrol/diesel to compensate for falling demand… Internal combustion vehicles will also lose value since they will be less valued on the automobile market.

Retrfitting: the intermediate solution?

One of the issues concerning electric  Car Renting vehicles is their price: the cheapest electric vehicle on the current market is the Dacia Spring, with prices starting at Downside: this accessible model offers a range of only 230 km, barely enough for daily trips to work. The retrofit consists of replacing a heat engine with an electric  Car Renting motor by adjusting all the mechanics of the car to make it 100% electric. Only approved professionals can carry out this technique to guarantee you a safe vehicle and controlled work. It would take between Car Renting for a retrofit, but by 2035, the State may grant financial aid to encourage motorists to go green.

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