A few months ago, Autoplus revealed its ranking of the most reliable car Maintenance. The ranking is based on numerous testimonies of breakdowns of models released in 2012 or later, with less than 150,000 km on the odometer, correlated with sales of new cars over the same period. Analysts have therefore made a ratio between the number of breakdowns and the number of cars put into circulation since 2012. So, where are the French car manufacturers ? And which manufacturer has the Palme d’Or?

1st place: Toyota

The Japanese manufacturer managed to take the lead on the podium thanks to the reliability of its hybrid models. He had second place in Maintenance.

2nd place: Suzuki

The car manufacturer lost its number 1 spot due to a few problems, but we can remain confident in the good performance of its models.

3rd place: Kia

The manufacturer retains its place of last on the podium, a good place for a manufacturer who produces increasingly reliable models.

4th place: Seat

A record rise for the former 11th in the ranking who seems professional on electronics with recent models that are almost perfct  Maintenance

5th place: Mini

Another remarkable comeback. Mini occupied 15th place in the ranking last year, and it is also thanks to its latest generation models that the brand owes its rise.

6th place: Dacia

Engine problems mainly for the low-cost brand, which remains reliable on electronic equipment and certain engines. It occupied the 2nd place in the ranking of the most reliable brands in 2018.

7th place: Volkswagen  Maintenance.?

Apart from water pump or GPS problems, Volkswagen is doing quite well, as evidenced by its rise of 10 places compared to the previous year.

8th place: Hyundai

Some problems with the flywheel, the clutch (Diesel models) and the timing chains, but not enough to dismiss the brand from the top

9th place: Volvo

No major problem for the Swedish brand, which gained 4 places. Some problems related to the Diesel EGR valve are still noted.

10th place: Ford

The major problems for Ford are related to the coolant circuit on the 1.0 EcoBoost models or to the engines more generally on the Ford Ranger model. The brand has lost 2 places but is staying the course.

No French in this top 10. You will have to reach 11th place to discover Renault , which occupied 6th place in 2018. The brand obviously has engine problems, whether gasoline or diesel, combined with GPS problems for all range. Peugeottakes place number 14, and therefore records a drop of 5 places compared to the year 2018, and 13 places compared to 2017. The Lion brand plummets and for good reason, we discover many problems between the shock absorbers of the 208 , 2008 and 3008, problems with AdBlue tanks for diesel models, or faulty flywheel, again for diesel models. The 1.2 PureTech (gasoline) engines are devalued by the timing belt.

The brand is followed by Citroën , which therefore occupies 15th place in the ranking and loses 3 places compared to 2018. The manufacturer is penalized by its 1.6 e-HDi engine, by the 1.2 PureTech, or by the air conditioning compressors of the C4, DS4 and C4 Picasso. French brands have every interest in making progress in terms of engines if they want to regain a suitable place in the rankings.

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