It has now been a year since car sales have plummeted, i.e. 12 consecutive months of decline. The month of May recorded 126,819 registered vehicles, i.e. 10.1% less than in May 2021, and above all 34.6% less than in May 2019, the last reference year. The positive point is that the decline for this month of May is the smallest of the year, which could indicate a recovery in activity… We take stock of the figures for the month of May AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY.?

Stellantis leads the dance

The group that brings together PSA and FCA is first on the French market, but still records a 9.8% drop in registrations for this month of May. It is followed by the Renault group, second but which records “only” -7.5% registrations.

On the side of car brands

Renault regains control and takes the lead for the month of May with 22,971 registrations, followed by Peugeot and its 20,742 registrations. Third place this time is not occupied by Citroën but by Dacia, which has 9,781 registered vehicles while Citroën has only 8,672

. Some brands have progressed this month of May: registrations have increased by 4 2% for Dacia, 30.1% for Hyundai, 7.5% for Mercedes, 5% for BMW and 19.6% for Fiat. Other car brands are more disadvantaged: Volkswagen is at -32.4%, Citroën is at -29.5%, Renault is at -12.2%, Peugeot is at -8.3%, and Toyota is at – 6.2%.

The top best-selling models

The number 1 spot seems to be assigned to him! The Peugeot 208 remains at the top of sales with 7,257 registrations, followed by its main competitor the Renault Clio , which records 6,111 registrations. The Dacia Sandero comes in 3rd place with 4,615 registrations, followed by the Peugeot 308 (4,474 registered vehicles) and the Peugeot 2008 (3,827 registered vehicles).

Gasoline remains number 1 on the market

With a market share of 36.2%, petrol remains the option favored by French motorists. The gasoline hybrid comes next, with a 20.5% market share, followed by diesel, which is still losing market share to only hold 17.6% in May 2022. Electricity continues small slowly rising and occupies 12% of the market.While the gasoline hybrid is at + 25.9% registrations, the electric at + 31.8%, the LPG at + 8.9% and the rechargeable diesel hybrid at + 18.6%, other engines are down in May: petrol (- 22.2%), diesel (- 27.8%), plug-in petrol hybrid (- 13.9%) and diesel hybrid (- 26.4%).

Top-selling hybrids and electrics

As for hybrid models, the Renault Arkana, Renault Captur and Toyota Yaris Cross vehicles lead the ranking. On the side of electric cars, the Fiat 500e seduces motorists, as do the Peugeot e-208 and the Renault Twingo.

Over the total of the first 5 months of the year, registrations are 600,934, i.e. 17% less than over the same period in 2021, and 36% less than in 2019. Will the annual report be t it more alarming than that of the year 2021?

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