The success of a car is a bit like the success of a film: when the first one did well, we create a number two, then a number three… Hoping that each new generation will be as appreciated as the previous one . And on the automotive side, when the recipe works, manufacturers maintain the project as long as possible. In the ranking of best-selling cars, we therefore find, without surprise, vehicles that already have several generations behind them.Auto Moto drew up, in January 2020, the ranking of the best car sales. Only 4 different brands occupy the first 10 places in the ranking Buying And -SELLING.

Automotive Best Sellers:

Volkswagen Golf : 36 million registrations, produced since 1974, 8 generations including the current model released in 2020

We will have to wait for 19th place to see a French model in the ranking. And who other than theRenault Clio to become one of the world’s best sellers. The city car has 15 million registrations since its creation in 1991, and the 5th generation should continue the success.

clio 5

The brand with the chevrons, Citroën , appears in 32nd place in the ranking with the mythical 2CV , registered in 9 million units between 1948 and 1990. It is followed by Peugeot, which occupies the 33rd place with the Peugeot 206 , 8.4 million registrations between 1998 and 2013.

Future success: Ford Bronco

The American brand Ford could well continue to occupy the best places in the ranking. On July 13, 2020, it presented the 5th generation of the Ford Bronco, a popular 4×4 sold on American soil. A site specializing in the model in question announced that the new Ford Bronco, scheduled for 2021 but open for reservation, had already recorded 230,000 reservations !

A record that suggests sales scores beyond Ford’s expectations. If the brand has not yet confirmed the information, we know however that, if it turns out to be correct, the waiting list could be long. The launch edition, limited to 3500 copies, had to be doubled following the enthusiasm around the model.

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